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From 2006-2008, I wrote a column for the Denbighshire Free Press. I was so proud of the feedback I got for this, even the one angry ‘You Suck’ letter to the editor cheered me up no end; it showed that people took notice of what little ol’ me had to say. It’s good to know that people give a rat’s ass either way! So, succumbing to requests from my former fan club (ok, overstating there – readers who had nothing better to do on a Thursday afternoon) under the March 2014 archive you will find a selection of my early Free Press articles. I’d love to hear what you think on any of the subjects raised…you know, rat’s ass either way feedback ;-)

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Balancing Mind and Body

Last night I joined a body balance class.  This morning my body is in agony!

I have been going through a bit of a bum phase with the gym.  I was doing really great until  December when I managed to crack my ankle on a cross trainer machine.  I jumped off the machine and forgot to press stop so the foot bit flung itself backward and cracked my ankle so hard that an immediate egg formed.  Two lessons learned; always press stop and never retaliate at machines as the swearing and slapping of it only adds to your pain!

Four months on and my half-hearted attempts at being a gym bunny have failed miserably.  I managed to gain six pounds and an addiction to my evenings being spent on the sofa watching Dawson's Creek re-runs.  Next month I will be thirty and I am aware that I am on a fast-track to slippers and my Mother's hand-me-downs.

I enrolled a very reluctant Hubby's assistance in my fitness motivation test.  I asked him "OK, don't sugar coat it Dude, where are my six pounds sitting"?  He hid behind the sofa before replying "Your face"  AAARRRGGHHHHH...!!!!!

I flew down to my local leisure centre and skidded to a halt at the activities board.  Swimming...nah, too cold!  Bums & Tums....nah, I have facial issues!  Body Balance...a combination of Tae Kwan Doe, Pilates and Yoga; Perfect!

I turned up at the class ready to be bendy in yoga style sweat pants.  Although in my case they are simply yoga pants as I don't do sweating; which could explain a lack of results but hey ho.  The other women there looked on average fifteen years or so older than me so I deduced that this was going to be a rather tame class.  Damn, I figured I would have to hit the treadmill afterwards.

"Shoes off" I am told.  Typical on the day I am wearing odd socks.."Err.. and your socks"  Ohh.  The music begins and the instructor leads us through a series of tip-toed stretches.  I concentrate on my breathing; if I am here then I might as well do it properly.  "Deeply inhale...and exhale...and in....and out"  I started to feel a bit weird.  More stretching and more breathing and whoah, I was seriously light-headed.  I am usually a shallow in...hold till I remember to breathe out...splutter type of girl when exercising.

We are taken through a variety of one hand on the floor with the other pointing to the ceiling poses followed by downward dog moves, evil girlie push ups and salutations.  I struggled but managed to keep up with everyone.  I was surprised that my balance was so good considering I am the girl who cannot keep static on a gym ball; usually rolling off in a heap.

Next we got off our mats and lay on the floor.  The other women had V shaped poses looking like art and even appeared relaxed. Psychos!.  My tummy was trembling like a bouncy castle at a kids party.  I could not have straightened my legs if my life depended on it!  Knees up, down, outwards, inwards...how the hell did they manage it?  Twenty minutes of floor work and vast amounts of backache later we were allowed to sit in a lotus pose (think Buddah) before rising, saluting the sun and then clapping our efforts.

On the way out the other women were chatting about how peaceful and powerful they felt now.  I noticed many of them were getting onto their bikes for the journey home.  I on the other hand, hobbled to my car and sat sulking as I felt my muscles begin to set.

This morning, I was aching all over but despite this, I got down on the floor and attempted some V shapes.  I was not particularly successful but mentally I felt great.  I had broken the motivation barrier!  I am now looking forward to next weeks Body Balance class but tonight, I am dragging my face to Salsa. Ola'

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