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Hi, I'm Lyndsey. I'm a 36 year old Mum from Wales. I have a Masters Degree in Marketing Communications and Public Relations and put it to good use in my work as a freelance Marketing & PR consultant. I also work part time as a fundraising coordinator for a Welsh charity which I absolutely love!! With two jobs, two children, two cats and a handsome man, lets just say I'm a busy lady. 
From 2006-2008, I wrote a column for the Denbighshire Free Press. I was so proud of the feedback I got for this, even the one angry ‘You Suck’ letter to the editor cheered me up no end; it showed that people took notice of what little ol’ me had to say. It’s good to know that people give a rat’s ass either way! So, succumbing to requests from my former fan club (ok, overstating there – readers who had nothing better to do on a Thursday afternoon) under the March 2014 archive you will find a selection of my early Free Press articles. I’d love to hear what you think on any of the subjects raised…you know, rat’s ass either way feedback ;-)


Show Me Website Launch

As you may already know, I work for charity. I try to keep up with all things 3rd sector and stay as knowledgeable as is possible when I have two children whose incessant chatter/ drama / singing / screaming beats my brain into a mushy pool of 'er...who am I?' every day.

So, I was pleased when an email ping'd in for me about a charity collaboration between Culture24, Culture Street and Collections Trust who, having been granted funding from the Arts Council of England, are launching a new website called Show Me, aimed at kids between 7-11, to discover museums and galleries. 

Brill. My son was driving me bats wittering away about everything from discovering Eminem (not impressed, major ramping up of parental controls on the internet; bummer as will miss a few umm...informative...websites now) to a step by step recipe from Nigella Lawson (his new crush) on how to make honeycomb.  "Here Son, look at this new website and tell me what you think" I said, shoving the laptop onto his knee and making a hasty bolt for the kitchen. A brew and a breather is always needed 30 minutes after my Son gets home from school.

10 minutes later, I popped my head round the door. "Everything alright mate?"  He was sat just where I left him, engrossed.  I took his grunt as agreement and plodded off to make the meal; ok yes, I also tried to make Nigella honeycomb...failed.  Twenty minutes later, curious that the stink of burnt sugar wafting through the house had not enticed my Son into the kitchen, I bobbed my head round the door again.  Not looking up, my little old man held up a 'talk to the hand' instruction "shusshhh"  I obeyed and buggered off again.


An hour had passed and I was bored now!  "Whatcha doin?" I asked as I plopped myself next to him on the couch. He tutted and replied "ok, you've got five minutes cos I'm busy" and in a complete role reversal, I snuggled up to him on the couch as he talked me through the website.

Launching this month (Sept 2014), the Show Me website was ram packed with everything that could fascinate my self-proclaimed geek Son.  Together we learned about the best castles in the UK, what a Phrenologist is (A dude that studies skulls), a stuffed walrus in London that has its own Twitter account @HornimanMuseum and we played games such as Transformasaur  (Try it here Transformasaur )and Bat Sense.  I thought my science loving boy would love the boffin section the most so clicked into sections such as Top Ten Dead Things in Museums and the Periodic Table game (more fun than it sounds!).


My daughter arrived home twenty minutes later and soon had her head on my shoulder.  "Soo, whatcha doin?" she asked.  "Its not for you, you're 12, you are too old" my boy informed her. "How did a Cod fish manage to swallow a dwarf's hand?" she asked baffled.  Son and I tutted and let her squish up next to us and join in reading.  Not long later, Hubby arrived home, "Yoo, hoo, Family. I'm home....what?" stunned to see three 'talk to the hand's fired at him, "Shhhuuushhh"

Click here for the website homepage http://www.show.me.uk

If any of you readers are teachers or school governors, then try this link show.me.uk/introduction-for-teachers As a former school governor, I found it a really good resource for schools to use and will be passing it on to my Son's school teacher; if my boy hasn't already done so.

Woo Hoo. I'm Nominated for National Award

Ping - you got e-mail.

One of the best emails I have ever received pinged into my inbox this week.  Mumpreneur UK have received a nomination for That Welsh Blonde in their Voice category for Bloggers.  Woo Hooo :-)

The Mumpreneur Awards 2014 in association with Amazon are the UK’s first national business awards dedicated solely to parents in business.  I have been advertised on their website homepage for a couple of months now and I love reading about so many inspirational women who have been brave enough to set up their own business.  Its a scary step to take for anyone but utterly especially for Mums, its exhausting enough to do daily parenting without the added pressure of setting up in business for yourself! 

I am chuffed to bits that blogging has been recognised as a job now too.  Although the financial gains are small for most bloggers, the time and dedication that goes into each and every post is all consuming.  I know for me, I go to sleep thinking about how my day translates into blog post material and I wake with the 'must write blog post' urgency, battling with the 'must wake kids, get them to school, sort work emails, food shopping, post office, gym, vets'...... its endless!  Finding/making time to write That Welsh Blonde can be difficult but I do it because I love it.  I love to sit before my laptop & just waffle away. I love my readers getting in contact to say that I've made them laugh. I love how proud my family are when they read about the mischief we have gotten into. My blog is my therapy, and I love it!

So, here I am with a big Award Nominee badge proudly posted on my page.  If I get no further than this badge then yes, I admit I will be disappointed, but so blinkin chuffed that my blog has come this far!  In the space of less than 4 months, I've had over 6500 readers and although my social media following is growing steadily, the feedback from so many people has been so supportive. I'm thrilled.

So a big, heartfelt thank you goes out to all my readers out there. I am so grateful to you all. 

If you want to keep up with my MumpreneurUK journey, discover other bloggers worthy of nominations or just generally have a nosy at a bunch of inspirational mums,  please do follow this link to the website http://www.mumpreneuruk.com/

Living with My Veteran in Civvy Street

Hubby of mine is a Veteran. A former Sergeant Major in the 22nd Cheshire Regiment. He still retains so many of his army ethics and like many families of ex-squaddies I'm sure, his ethics drive me and the kids bloody crackers!

The kids and I have happily maintained a 'fly-by-the-seat-of-yer-pants' approach for years; until my man came along. These days though, our blank-faced responses to questions starting with "Where?" and shrug shoulders replies to "What?" and in particular, the "Meh, whatever" disinterest and general "umm..." attitudes have proved to be a source of massive annoyance to Mr Regimented, Orderly, Fold Stuff Neatly, Read the Instruction Manual, Knows How to Read a Map, Sergeant Major Man.

Hubby believes he can train us up. We believe he will give up and chill out eventually!  Don't tell him but, as he sits outside in the car, revving the engine to indicate that 'on time' was 10 minutes ago, we plod leisurely round the house, gathering the last bits of essentials, amused that he thinks the pressure tactic will work in any way, shape or form. Truth is, if he rushes us then we forget important things and then he flips out when we have to do a U-turn 20 minutes later for things like shoes, coats, purses, a child (only forgot him once)... etc.

Whilst on the car subject. Parking. Why does a squaddie drive round the car park / street/ cul'd'sac passing a number of spaces, in order to ensure the car is facing the 'right' direction at leaving time? Me - I see a space, I park in it. Done. 

While I'm on a roll, its worth me taking the chance to beef about scenery. Just for once, it would be nice if I could sit with a view of the room when on a date. I know, I've heard all about it that a squaddie will always sit where he can see the exits and full view of his/her surroundings but I mean, come on, there are only so many walls a girl can stand to look at. Me thinks its still a ploy so that he can eye up the ladies without risking a rollocking! hhmmm...And adding to this, it would be nice to get home from said dates without him having a full on egg banjo orgy.

Now, my fella left the army nearly 20 years ago (yes, we have a bit of an age gap) but surely by now he would be past the Meerkat phase? Every single noise makes him bolt upright and stand to attention like a Meerkat in the terrain, listening to see if its friend or foe; usually its nothing more than the dishwasher changing cycle. It's amazing how he can hear a pin drop and with lightening reflexes take on full Rambo-face shoot to kill expression but he cant hear bum all I say to him when I get home from work

Hoping for sympathy from fellow Veteran's wives at the annual Chester Races event is non-existent.  Yes, I'm 20 years younger than my man but the quiet acceptance of the wives proves me to be 20 years na├»ve too.  As I listen to the fascinating stories of these men's years in Belize, Northern Ireland, Hong Kong and further, it reminds me that Hubby's pedantic, get on your nerves regulations are not simply him trying to 'fix us', nor is he out of touch with 'Civvie chillaxing'. The training is ingrained in him and his comrades. This mentality of Preparation, Perception and Order is what kept him and his fellow soldiers alive!  
I will never know the horrors that these men and women have known. I am thankful that these service men and women have risked so much and worked so hard; my children and I wouldn't have the luxury of "meh" without their sacrifices, and so it is with this in mind and the words Thorough Planning and Preparation Prevent a Piss Poor Performance touretting in my brain, I went to Chester Military Museum to buy him the 22nd Regiment sweatshirt that he has been wanting - in preparation for his Christmas present.  Well done me :-)

Although the regiment is no longer, having been amalgamated into One Mercian regiment, the pride and respect for this regiment stands proud.  Acknowledgement for the 22nd's Commander in Chief Prince Charles resolutely displayed.

On the drive home, I thought about how the kids and I rejoiced at the subtle changes in Hubby's behaviours recently. No freaking out about a lack of tent poles during a camping holiday, ironing pilling high without causing heart failure, cars looking like kiddie battlefields and gardens overgrown.  These no longer seemed like victories in our favour!

As much as I feign irritation at the horrified look on his face, each time I reach into the wardrobe and rob one of his precision ironed t-shirts from his folded, stacked so neatly you could balance a perfectly measured spirit-level on them pile, I'd be gutted to have to go back to ironing my own clothes myself! In all seriousness though, my man is who he is because of the Army. The life he lived before us is one to be proud of!  If he did finally do as we hoped and just "chill out dude" then he would be a completely different man; and that would be our loss! 

I love the man he is now, squaddie humour and all, and more importantly, as my daughter pointed out the other day, "we are never late for school anymore and we always know where are shoes are now".